Cancellation & Refund

Teya allows the users to cancel their posts at any time via the mobile app or the web portal.


If the post was assigned to a tutor or an assistant, the cancellation will be forwarded to our investigation department to study the reasons of the cancellation and the refund amount the user is entitled for based on the investigation.

Full refund cases:

The cancellation was requested before a tutor or assistant start the work or didn’t provide any prof of work done on the post.

The tutor or assistant was not capable of handling the post.

The deliverables do not meet the requirements based on the post description and details submitted when creating the post.

The tutor or assistant didn’t meet the deadline requested on the post when created.

Partial Refund:

The tutor or assistant provided a proof of work done towards completing the request.

Processing Refund

When a post is cancelled our system will automatically notify our team to investigate the case and process the refund.

Users can follow up on the case by responding to our agent attempts to contact the user via the available email or contact phone number on records.

Users can also submit a ticket via the contact us page > purpose: Cancellation or Refund if the user doesn’t hear from our department within 24 hours.

Users can also email us directly or contact us via our available social media channels listed on the contact us page also and our representative will assist the user to complete the process.

Refunded amount will be released on the same payment card used to make the payment only.